USGS11598.4 Ginkgo minor Knowlton GG85


These specimens are on the left of the image.

See also: USGS 11598.8 (USNM 414176), USGS 11598.21 (USNM 414177), USGS 11598.22 (USNM 414178)

Image of 11598.4



Locality Map

Locality USGS 11598, Chignik Area


Leaf: shape variable, usually cuniform, small; distally rounded, decurrent to petiole; dissection of lamina variable, usually bilobed; venation dichotomous.


Bell (1957, p. 30) quite correctly pointed out that Hollick's Ginkgo minor Hollick (1930, Plate 2, Fig. 4b; Plate 13, Figs. 1-7; Plate 19, Figs. 6b, 7b; Plate 29, Figs. 2c, 4c, 6a) from the Chignik Formation was indistinguishable from G. dawsoni and should be regarded as conspecific.