USGS 11500.1


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Sutwik Island (D-3) Quad.
Collected by R.L. Detterman.

Along the beach 1.3 Km NW of Point Nakol; interbedded tan sandstone and carbonaceous siltstone.  Probably represents the uppermost part of the Chignik Formation.

Latitude: 56.922778° N

Longitude: -156.935833° W

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Leaf: simple; symmetrical (?); elliptical; apex missing; base missing; margin irregularly serrate, teeth with glandular obtuse apices, rounded sinuses; venation pinnate semicraspedodromous; midvein moderate, straight; secondaries opposite, straight or nearly so, often decurrent to the midvein, forming an angle of 45° to the midvein, at least five pairs; tertiaries transverse, straight to convex, weak, joining both ad- and abmedial sides of secondaries at angles of approximately 90°; fourth order veins forming an orthogonal reticulum.



This is one of two leaves that apparently represent the same form.  Specimen USGS 11500.1 is better preserved than USGS 11598.3 (USNM 406832) and details of the venation are shown here.  The pinnate semicraspedodromous secondary venation, the transverse tertiaries and the possibly Rosiod tooth type all suggest an architectural relationship to members of the Rosidae.