USGS 11598.24

cf. "Cissus" marginata (Lesquereux) Brown HAPL(D)164

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Note: specimen is on the right of the image.



Latitude: 56.271111° N

Longitude: -158.675278° W

Chignik (B-3) Quad.
Collected by R.A. Spicer and J.A. Wolfe.
Middle part of Chignik Formation.  Fluvial facies.

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Leaf:  simple; symmetrical; very wide obovate; apex missing; base obtuse; margin dentate; teeth inclined towards the apex near the base; teeth apices obtuse, sinuses obtuse, sides convex; venation basal, perfect, marginal, actinodromous; midvein moderate, straight; pectinal veins curved, initially forming an angle of 20-30° to the midvein, of the same strength as the midvein; pectinal abmedials departing at angles of approximately 40°; curved, often forking near the margin; superior secondaries departing from the midvein parallel to the pectinals, curved; tertiaries obscure.



This leaf bears a strong similarity to some specimens from the Hell Creek Formation (Maastrichtian) of Montana (Archibald, 1982) which Brown included under 'Cissus' marginata (Brown, 1962; Plate 55, Fig. 6).  The Hell Creek leaves differ from the other specimens assigned by Brown to 'C.' marginata in that the lateral primary, secondary, and the lateral secondary veins all fork dichtomously.