USGS 11598.26

'Cornus' benjamini Hollick (RO)176

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Note: There is no photograph of this specimen.



Latitude: 56.271111° N

Longitude: -158.675278° W

Chignik (B-3) Quad.
Collected by R.A. Spicer and J.A. Wolfe.
Middle part of Chignik Formation.  Fluvial facies.

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Leaf: simple; base asymmetrical; elliptic; apex acute; base acute; margin entire; venation pinnate, apparently eucamptodromous; midvein more or less straight or slightly curved, moderate, secondaries moderate, curved, departing from the midvein at an angle of approximately 20°, 3 or 4 pairs, alternate; tertiary venation indistinct.



This leaf is identical to those specimens named 'Cornus' benjamini (Hollick, 1930, p. 112-113; Plate 85, Figs. 4b, 5).  Hollick's specimens do bear a superficial resemblance to the extant genus Cornus (Tournefort) Linnaeus but the preservation of the leaves does not afford sufficient detail of characters to determine their true affiliation. See also USGS 11598.23 (USNM 406835).