USGS 11600.21


USNM Number




Latitude: 56.268889° N

Longitude: -158.659722° W

Chignik (B-2) Quad.
Collected by R.A. Spicer and J.A. Wolfe.
Floodpain swamp.  Lower part of Tolstoi Formation.

Locality Map




Leaf: simple; symmetrical; narrow ovate; apex missing; base missing but probably rounded or obtuse; margin serrate with small, teeth very widely spaced, tooth apex acute, sinuses rounded, apical side of tooth very short concave, basal side very long convex; venation pinnate, craspedodromous; primary vein moderate, straight; secondary veins arising at an acute angle (60°) from midvein and uniformly curving apically towards margin where they form the midvein veins of the teeth; intersecondary veins present; detail of the tertiary veins and higher orders unclear but tertiaries probably simple, transverse percurrent.



This leaf has a coriaceous appearance with a pustulose surface.  The teeth may well have terminated in a small spine. The relationships of this leaf are uncertain.  The prominent intersecondary veins strongly suggest a magnoliidean form while the teeth, even though it is impossible to confirm that they are Monimioid, suggest an affinity with the Laurales.  See also USGS 11600.1 (USNM 406631).