USGS 11600.36


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USGS 11600.9 (USNM 406782)



Latitude: 56.268889° N

Longitude: -158.659722° W

Chignik (B-2) Quad.
Collected by R.A. Spicer and J.A. Wolfe.
Floodpain swamp.  Lower part of Tolstoi Formation.

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Leaf:  simple; asymmetrical; narrow obovate; apex missing; base decurrent; margin serrate, tooth apices angular obtuse, both apical and basal sides convex but with the apical side shorter than the basal side, sinuses angular obtuse; margin near the base entire; venation pinnate simple craspedodromous; primary midvein moderate to stout, more or less straight; secondary veins moderate straight or slightly uniformly curved (basal secondaries may be recurved) arising from the midvein at an angle of 55-60°, unbranched; tertiary veins percurrent more or less straight, sometimes sinuous, convex between the primary and secondary veins, joining both ad- and abmedial sides of the secondaries at approximately 90°; fourth order veins indistinct.



 This is a leaf of the Dryophyllum type and should be compared to Bell's (1957) specimens of D. fallax (Dawson) Bell (Bell, 1957, p. 40; Plate 26, Fig. 3).  Specimen USGS 11600.36 has a greater number of secondary veins which tend to be straighter and more pronounced.  The precise nature of the teeth is not known.