USGS 11601.13


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Latitude: 56.271111° N

Longitude: -158.656944° W

Chignik (B-2) Quad.
Collected by R.A. Spicer and J.A. Wolfe.
Floodpain swamp.  Lower part of Tolstoi Formation.

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Leaf:  simple (?); symmetrical (?); shape unknown; apex missing; base rounded; margin crenulate, teeth with rounded apices and angular (acute) sinuses, irregular in size and spacing; margin entire at the base; venation appearing pinnate with simple craspedodromous secondary veins; midvein moderate, straight; secondary veins arising at an angle of 55-70° (the angle increasing near the base) except for the basal pair of very weak secondaries which arise at right angles to the midvein, near the margin the secondary veins branch giving off craspedodromous abmedial veins; tertiary veins percurrent often sinuous arising from both ad- and abmedial sides of the secondary veins approximately at right angles; fourth order venation not visible.



The affinities of this incomplete leaf are not known but it shares some characters with a specimen illustrated in Hollick (1936, p. 83-84, Plate 35, Fig. 1 only) which was assigned to 'Hicoria' magnifica Knowlton. Unfortunately the margin is not well preserved.