USNM 37327 Sagenopteris paucireticulata Hollick  


Hollick (1930)

Pl. 2 Fig. 7



From Hollick (1930) (p. 41)

"Coal mine in Coal Bluff, Herendeen Bay, Alaska Peninsula (original No. 31); collected by W. W. Atwood and H. M. Eakin in 1908 (lot 5185)."


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From Hollick (1930) (p. 41)

"Plate 2, Figure 7"

"Pinnule spatulate, entire, 3.5 centimeters in length by 1.5 centimeters in maximum width, rounded above, tapering to an elongated, narrow base; nervation consisting of an obscurely defined median nerve at the base of the pinnule that is soon split into fine, diverging, forked and sparingly reticulated nerves extending upward and outward to the margin."



From Hollick (1930) (p. 41)

"This species closely resembles a pinnule from the Shasta series of California, doubtfully identified by Fontaine (1905) (p. 236, pl.65, fig. 40) as Sagenopteris elliptica Fontaine. The specimens from the type locality in Virginia, representing the Potomac group (Fontaine 1889) (p. 149, pl. 27, figs. 9, 11, 15a, 16, 16a, 17) vary considerably in shape and size; but none is quite comparable with the California specimen, which differs in possessing a midvein that is only obscurely defined and sparsely reticulated secondary nervation, thus approaching more nearly the type of the Alaska specimen, with which it may be specifically identical. In any event neither one appears to be properly referable to Sagenopteris elliptica as originally described and figured."