USNM 37331 Pteris nitida Hollick  


Hollick (1930)

Pl. 2 Fig. 11




From Hollick (1930) (p. 39)

"Chignik River, just below Long Bay, Alaska Peninsula (original No. 55); collected by W. W. Atwood and H. M. Eakin in 1908 (lot 5297)."


Locality Map



From Hollick (1930) (p. 39)

"Plate 2, Figure 11"

"Frond at least once pinnate; upper pinnae gradually diminishing in size, confluent, forming an irregularly lobed or pinnatifid, pyramidal summit to the frond; lower pinnae pinnatifid, ascending, the divisions or lobes upward pointing, bluntly triangular or apiculate, coalescing at the extremities of the pinnae into broad, wedge-shaped, blunt-tipped apices; nervation pinnate-reticulate, consisting of a midrib with branches extending to the termini of the lobes, with three or four forked or simple veinlets on each side and obscurely reticulate (?) veinlets close to the midrib."



From Hollick (1930) (p. 39)

"This fern was apparently smooth and thick in texture with a relatively close or compact habit of growth. The nervation is rather obscurely defined, but apparently the veinlets were reticulate along and in connection with the main rachis of the frond and the midribs of the pinnae."