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The Lost World of the Arctic

A Warm Arctic Climate Change Polar Light Regime Paleo-Arctic Forests Paleo-Arctic Fauna  


Forest Successional Dynamics

The vast numbers of plant fossils preserved in a variety of sediments makes it possible to detect repeated associations between species and sediments, sediments that are indicative of particular environments. The patterns of association make it possible to reconstruct not only which species were growing along the river banks, in the backswamps or around, and in, lakes, but also the seral succession of different communities starting from bare soils to mature forests.

Diagram showing plant community succession based on Kukpowruk, Grebenka and Koryal Floras

Comparison of Albian, Cenomanian and Maastrichtian floral succession in Northern Alaska and Northeastern Russia. Ecologically dominant taxa are in bold and angiosperms are underlined.
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