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Sagwon Section 1

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Photograph of Sagwon section 1
Photograph showing part of the Sagwon exposure where Section 1 was located.


Sedimentary log of Section 1

The southern end of bluffs at Sagwon Bluffs exposes Coal II near the river level and Coal III above the light gray cross bedded sandstones seen halfway up the cliff in the photograph above. Coal II can be seen only at the extreme left of the above image. The sketch below illustrates this.

sketch of section 1

As elsewhere in the Sagwon bluffs exposure Coal III is predominantly made up of log and branchwood, but this grades up into a laminated carbonaceous shale. Plant megafossils including Equisetites, Tiliaephyllum, and Metasequoia were found in siderite nodules above Coal III. These taxa are typical of the Late Sagwon phase of floral evolution and is correlative to the Section 3 assemblage. Float found at the river bank level is a mixture of material representing both Early and Late Sagwon floral phases.